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Print Advertising


TradArchers’ World is published four times per year. As a small but growing publication geared to serve those interested in traditional archery, A to Z, we are able to offer advertisers significant savings on advertising compared to corporate owned publications. Don’t hesitate to call TradArchers' World at 715-536-1306, e-mail, or just fill out the form to discuss your advertising needs. Since we publish an all-color magazine, all ad rates quoted are for color ads.

We will use your previously designed ad in any Adobe format, TIFF, EPS, and most PC compatible formats. Original Adobe InDesign files are preferred when possible. Ads submitted on CDs or e-mails also work. We also accept photos and high quality laser printouts. Please provide glossy prints. Digital photos are accepted but should be shot at high resolution from a quality camera. Digital photos should be submitted as 300 dpi at full size. Laser printouts should be 300 dpi and 85 ipi half tone frequency. Color separations must be CMYK. Include a match print or color key.


Classified ad rates: $1.20 per word with a $24 minimum per issue. Ads will be printed in the magazine and on the classified section of the Web site. Classified ad orders must be prepaid. Ads continue to run until cancelled. Complete name, address and phone number must be included separately if not included in the ad. The first three words can be in all capital letters and bold at no charge. Additional all caps and/or bold words are an additional $.50 each. Prepay four issues for $1.05 per word with an $84 minimum.

Extended run savings: Ads placed for 8x receive additional 10 percent discount or 12x receive 20 percent off the 4x pricing.

Closing Dates:

  • Spring (Mar/Apr/May): January 1

  • Summer (June/July/Aug): April 1

  • Fall (Sept/Oct/Nov): July 1

  • Winter (Dec/Jan/Feb): October 1

Regulations:  All advertising is subject to Publisher’s approval and Publisher reserves the right to reject any advertising. No fraudulent or misleading advertising or advertising containing compound bows, crossbows or mechanical broadheads will be accepted. The Advertiser represents that there is nothing within the supplied copy materials that is libelous, privacy invading or in any violation of any anti-discriminating laws. The liability of the Publisher for errors or omissions in which it may be held responsible will not exceed the cost of the space ordered or occupied by the error. It is further understood that the Advertiser will hold the Publisher harmless from and against any loss, expense or any other liability resulting from any claims or suits that may arise out of the publication of such an advertisement.

Terms:  Initial runs must be prepaid with the order. No agency discounts. Rates are net and per insertion. Terms are net 15 days. Failure to pay advertisement before the next closing date on multiple runs may result in the advertisement being pulled. If payment is late the Publisher reserves the right to pull the ad and not run any ad for the advertiser again until full payment is received. No changes or cancellations after the closing date. A charge of 1-1/2% interest per month will be added to all balances overdue. All returned checks will be subject to a $20 charge.

Cancellations and Conditions:  If a contract is cancelled prior to fulfillment, we will recalculate the rate based on published rates. No penalty will be applied if the contract is cancelled in order to initiate a longer term contract. A cancellation of any contracted issue voids all rate protection for the remainder of the contract. Please note: there will be no cancellations or changes after the closing dates.

Advertising in TradArchers’ World will bring your products and services directly to the customers your business needs. Contact us today with questions or to get started.