Heading south for a few days... Pre-Spring Arrow Fling

I'm driving to Alabama later this week to attend/vend at the Pre-Spring Arrow Fling and later head to South Carolina for a few days of hog hunting.  I'm looking forward to meeting lots of traditional archery fans at Tannehill State Park and sharing experiences with the bow and arrow. I hope to encourage more people to share their how-to tips and hunting adventures with the readers of TradArchers' World magazine. I will be at Wild Things near Savannah, GA to try to take a hog with my recurve bow.

Went bunny hunting with some great guys and fine beagles

Last Saturday, I traveled to southwest Wisconsin to hunt cottontails on a small farm with 10 other Wisconsin Traditional Archers. I took my beagle, Ruby, along to begin her bunny education with two veteran rabbit hunting beagles. We hunted brushy creek bottoms, woods edges and multiflora rose thickets. We saw dozens of harried rabbits moving in front of the dogs and got multiple opportunities to launch arrows. One hunter, Josiah, made a great shot and killed a fleeing bunny. Ruby was right there, too, and showed lots of interest in the dead rabbit. When we counted up the shots taken during about six hours of hunting, we came up with about 50. Everyone had a great time.

Beginning Year Seven of TradArchers' World magazine.

Our first issue of TradArchers' World magazine was published in Spring 2009. Thanks to the support of our readers and advertisers, we are still around and GROWING. The Winter 2014 issue of TAW is one of the best, with how-to articles on building a bow from a shovel handle or a piece of PVC to hunting adventures for elk, bear, moose, turkey, hog and wolf. We will continue to feature great do-it-yourself stories, articles on archery history and great archery personalities. TAW welcomes article/photo contributions from our readers and friends. Send them to dabowbarn@juno.com. Thank you. Tom