NASP state tourney a big hit

I attended the Wisconsin National Archery in the Schools Program state tournament last weekend where more than 1,100 kids from 50+ schools competed in Olympic style shooting. Although the kids used Genesis bows set at 20 pounds at any drawlength, all shot the same equipment and arrows without sights or releases. A great start for these kids.

I watched as a physically challenged boy in a wheelchair took a bow off the rack and one-handed rolled his chair to the shooting line. There he shot his five ends and scored well, as other competitors and his cheering section watched with admiration. All kids competed as even ground as possible.

Some kids took advantage of the aerial target area and shot longbows at foam discs launched from a machine. There were laughs and smiles all around.

NASP is a great way to get any kid involved in archery. Hopefully, some of them will latch on to traditional archery. Wouldn't be much of a leap, though.