A time for traditional archery

Traditional archery is gaining in popularity among those who appreciate the simple flight of the arrow and are willing to put in the work necessary to become a consistently good shot. Traditional archery is not an instant gratification sport, but rather one that requires dedication, patience and a willingness to have a good time. Learning about traditional archery can be a lot of fun, especially after one gets the basics down. Kids who learn archery from NASP that is taught in many schools have a leg up because they are coached by certified instructors re. SAFETY, and technique that employs several definite steps. Once mastered using the Genesis bows, there is an easy transition to recurves or longbows, and, yes, compound bows. In the process, the kids have fun.

There are many great traditional archery coaches who can help anyone from three to 93 learn to shoot accurately after a few sessions. Check out Bob Wesley of Whispering Pines Archery School in North Carolina, as he is a great coach.