Prepping for the fall...

In preparing for bowhunting this fall, make sure that you have your arrows tipped with broadheads flying true. It is a good idea to bare shaft tune with a field point so that you might view the  orientation of the arrow as it enters the foam target. One can see if the nock end of the arrow is high (nocking point too high on string) or if the arrow enters nock left (for right-handed shooters, spine week, too heavy a field point or too short a brace height)or to the right (for right-handed shooters, spine too stiff, too light a field point or too high of a brace height). For lefties, just switch it around.
After adjusting so that the bare shaft sticks in the foam target "straight", try using a same-weight broadhead on that shaft to see how it flies. It should be close, especially if it is a three-blade broadhead, as these steer the arrow in a straight line. A two-blade may veer a bit, but that effect is negated when the arrow is fletched with at least a four-inch feather/vane.
After the broadhead arrow hits consistently where you look, make sure to continue to practice so that you don't have to think about the shot... it should just happen.
Have fun.